It’s time for a change. It’s time to end the confusion.

It’s time to say “no” to the overly complicated, “super scientific” training programs that only add more clutter and stress to your life while doing nothing to help you get bigger or stronger.

It’s time for a program that builds muscle and functional strength without taking over your life in the process.

Let’s be honest. We all have more than enough stress and worry in our life. The last thing we need is more of it when it comes to our workouts.

What we really need is simplicity.

We need a simple to follow, easy to use program that focuses only on that which is most important and eliminates everything else.

Simplicity is the key to success in life and in the gym.

Simplicity is also the common theme in the training programs of some of the biggest, strongest individuals in the history of the planet, from Arthur Saxon to Arnold to Kaz to Dorian Yates.

They all followed programs like the one’s I’ll be sharing with you very shortly.

With Minimalist Training I’m going to give you over FIFTEEN different size & strength building programs that I’ve used over the last 23 years with myself and hundreds of clients to achieve outstanding results, time and time again.

That’s Over THREE YEARS WORTH OF WORKOUTS in One Training Manual!


In today’s busy, fast paced society most of us don’t have time to spend countless hours per week in the gym with complicated, confusing programs. Minimalist Training will change all that; ensuring that you get in and out of the gym in under an hour and still get a kick ass workout that delivers big time results.

Minimalist Training is the ultimate resource for personal trainers or strength coaches who want to fast track their career in the fitness industry by avoiding years of mistakes and basically stealing all of my favorite workout programs to use with your busy clients or athletes who have limited time.

This will save you years of time and frustration.

For all other strength obsessed fitness enthusiasts, Minimalist Training will give you the ultimate bare bones, yet brutally effective strength & mass producing programs you need to reach your goals in the fastest time possible.

No more wasted time.

No more confusion.

No more lack of progress or frustration.


Here Are Just a Few of the Muscle Building Workouts You’ll Get Instant Access to…
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Programs
  • 1 Lift, 2 Lifts and 3 Lifts Per Day Programs
  • The Bare Essentials
  • Skinny Maggot Mass Building (Hardgainer no more!)
  • Quick ‘n Dirty
  • Renegade Basics (What we always start with at my private gym in NJ)
  • One for the Money
  • Two For The Time
  • Three the Hard Way
  • Basic Menage
  • Kinky Threesome
  • Badass Barbell Basics
  • Old School Size & Strength
  • Double Team
  • 70’s Strength & Mass (One of my all time favorites)
  • No Confusing Formulas
  • No Complex Set & Rep Parameters You Need an Advanced Calculus Degree to Figure Out
  • No Fancy Supersets, Drop Sets, or Silly Tempo Schemes
  • No More Than Three Exercises Per Workout

I normally charge close to 300 bucks to write  a single program. In Minimalist Training I’m giving you FIFTEEN of them!

But, for a limited time only, I’m giving you more than two decades worth of training experience and three years of done-for-you programs for only $77!

So grab your copy today before the price goes up.

“Jason Ferruggia and I ‘came up’ in this industry together, so I know the value of two decades worth of experience. While reading through MINIMALIST TRAINING, I couldn’t help but think about how much time, effort and money Jay invested along the way in order to create such a product. FIFTEEN proven programs for less money than the cost of ONE personal training session is a steal! This one product can literally produce years of progress, without the guesswork. I can’t recommend it enough!”
Joe DeFranco
Performance Enhancement Specialist
“I’m a fitness editor and people send me workouts and programs every day. There isn’t a lot that really blows me away anymore, but this product does. If you’re strapped for time, and you’re the kind of guy who tends to overanalyze everything and cause yourself more harm than good, this ebook is for you. I’m that guy! And, man, am I glad he put this out.

Maybe the best part of Minimalist Training is the glimpse Jason offers into his programming. At a certain point, each one of us wonders, “What’s next?” How can we keep making gains? Jason takes you through all of the progression schemes he uses with his own clients so you’ll never get stuck. No matter what level you’re at, you’re covered for the long haul. You could buy just this ebook and be set for a very, very long time.

I always learn something from Jason, and I can’t recommend this ebook more highly.
Sean Hyson
Fitness Editor for Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness Magazines

“To find out just how easy it is to quickly gain muscle and strength I recommend Minimalist Training by hypertrophy expert, Jason Ferruggia, one of the best guys out there who can simplify your mass-training cycles for non-stop gains.”
Chad Waterbury
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

“If you’re wanting a whole slew of SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE workouts, my boy Jason Ferruggia just came out with a SICK program called, MINIMALIST TRAINING that is all about hardcore, simple, and effective workouts. Many of them are only 2-3 exercises.  All of them work! I would check it out!”
Travis Stoetzel
Strength Coach
“When I read through Minimalist Training, I was floored at just how simple effective training can be. Jay has workouts for everyone, from beginner to advanced, and each workout is simple, fast and extremely effective.

From talking back and forth with Jason last year, he convinced me to cut my training volume way down and my workouts lasted no more than 30 to 40 min. By incorporating his Minimalist Training principles I made some of the best gains of my life without the pain and injuries and with a lot of time to spare. Jay has finally put that wisdom into an all encompassing manual that has everything written out for you. I think you will be surprised at just how effective your training can be with less.”
Keith Scott
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

“Minimalist Training is a great resource for trainers working with busy clients, who need to write, short effective workouts. I actually had Jason design some minimalist workouts for me when I was recovering from cancer treatment which helped me get back in shape faster than I thought possible.”
Alwyn Cosgrove
Professional Fitness Coach


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