Get 30 Days Worth of Renegade Workouts and Inner Circle Coaching For Just $7!
RenegadeStrongSpiral3D30DAYF*ck being skinny and weak. It’s time for you to get jacked and strong. Renegade Strong. Stop dicking around with programs that don’t get you there. And forget about your sh*tty “hardgainer” genetics. Those don’t stand a chance here. They will be crushed, forgotten about and left to die.

This is the exact system we used in the original basement dungeon known as Renegade Gym for over ten years straight to build one jacked, muscular freak after another.

The problem with most programs is that they only utilize one of the main three methods of building size and strength.

Renegade Strong uses all of them.

You’ll be incorporating the Maximal Effort method to develop freak strength.

You’ll be using the Dynamic Effort Method to develop explosive power and amplify the growth fast twitch muscle fibers.

And you’ll be using the Repeated Effort Method to develop slabs of raw mass.

On top of that we’ll be throwing in some unique strongman exercises just to ensure your transformation from man to BEAST.

Each of those methods on it’s own is highly effective. But the synergistic combination of all four is unbeatable when it comes to building high performance muscle.

The program is fully detailed and laid out in a way that even a complete dummy could understand and instantly apply. There’s no excess fluff or filler info. Just the essentials you need to get jacked ASAP.

In just 30 days from now you’ll be a believer. You’ll see your t-shirts starting to tighten up and you’ll see the limitless potential that lies ahead.

Once you start pumping out ten reps with a weight you only used to be able to do three times you’ll know that the Renegade Method is the real deal.

With Renegade Strong You’ll Discover:
  • How to use the 3 most powerful methods of training in one synergistic system
  • The weekly “big lift” progression that allows you to smash new PR’s (personal records) on a weekly basis
  • The precise set & rep scheme that leads to the fastest gains, without plateus
  • The 6 best upper body pressing variations
  • The 7 best big lifts for the lower body
  • A specific pre-workout warm up that will fire you up for training like never before and bulletproof you against injury
  • The Triple Threat method for building bigger pecs, lats, shoulders and guns
  • Strongman exercises and workouts that turn you from man to beast

And, in addition to the 30 day Renegade Strong workout, you get 30 days in The Renegade Inner Circle Online Coaching Program absolutely FREE.


My name and 20 year reputation in this industry is on the line when you choose to do the Renegade Strong program so I want to ensure your 100% success along the way.

That’s why we’re throwing in the free month in The Renegade Inner Circle- so I can answer every single one of your questions throughout the program and coach you every step of the way.

You get the entire 30 day workout program and 30 days in the Renegade Inner Circle right now for just $7!

You can’t beat that deal and you can’t find a better beast-building program anywhere else. Once you finish Phase 1 you’ll get Phase 2 automatically sent to your email in 30 days as long as you’re still a member in good standing.

Download your copy now and I’ll talk to you on the inside.

Renegade Strong Success Story
jack Penner Testimonial“After spinning my wheels and getting frustrated with the new, fancy, high-tech training programs, I decided to go back to the proven system in Renegade Strong. It is no surprise that the same program that got Jay and all the other OG Renegades phenomenal results had the same affect on me.

With Renegade Strong I put on 10lbs of quality size, added at least 20lbs to all of my big lifts, and brought my bench press max up from 225lbs to 255lbs.

The Upper/Lower split made it impossible to not make progress. The Max Effort days let me go heavy and the Repetition Days helped me blow it up with a huge pump. Not to mention the Strongman Days. Car pushes, farmer’s walks, it’s straight dope.

Jay’s combination of these parts made my recovery bulletproof and I never got burned out while maxing every week. That’s a lot more than I expected from an old-school program.

But that’s because with Jay’s stuff, I always get more than I expect. His work is always the highest quality I can ask for, its tried and proven, and it gets results. Period.
Jack Penner


You will be re-billed $19.95 in 30 days for continued access to The Renegade Inner Circle and Phase 2 of Renegade Strong, which will be emailed to you when you finish Phase 1. You are free to cancel at any time.