Forget About Strict, Complicated Diets...

Here's the Easiest Way to Feast Your Way to the Ripped, Muscular Body You Want

Imagine eating delicious meals every night, with all the carbs you want, then following it up with dessert…and waking up leaner.

Well imagine no more, because The Renegade Diet makes it possible.

With most muscle building diets you gain 1-2 pounds of fat for every pound of muscle. You get bigger but fatter. So you have to diet the fat off afterwards.

With most fat loss diets you lose a pound of muscle for every 2-3 pounds of fat. So you’re a little leaner but less muscular.

Nobody likes the “skinny-fat” look. Not girls, not guys; NOBODY. So now you have to go back to bulking again. And when you do the cycle repeats itself endlessly. You go back and forth from big and fat to small and soft.

The Renegade Diet takes an alternative approach, based on millions of years of evolution, that goes against everything you think you know about nutrition and is, quite simply the most effective body-recomposition plan ever created.

It’s also the easiest-to-follow, least intrusive diet plan you’ll ever try. Instead of suffering with plain, boring foods you get to feast til your hearts content every night of the week!

If you’re ready to gain muscle without the fat, or get ripped while keeping your hard earned size, you’re ready for The Renegade Diet.


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Real World Results From The Renegade Diet:

Gained 23 lbs of Muscle“With the Renegade diet I was able to gain 23 pounds of muscle, get leaner and also feel much more energized throughout the day and get my love for eating good foods back! As a business owner I can now get a lot more work done than ever before.”
-Thomas Engberts
Lost 10 lbs of Body Fat“The Renegade Diet is by far and away the easiest and most effective eating plan I’ve ever tried. It gives you complete freedom and actually allows you get and remain in great shape while still having a social life. It’s the only way I’ll ever eat for the rest of my life.”
-Alyson Iannacone
Gained 21 lbs of Muscle“The first pic is from June 24, 2011 fresh out of Navy Boot Camp at 186 pounds, the second is from January 27, 2012 at 207 pounds. It was very easy and convenient to work the Renegade Diet around Military life when you are on the Navy’s time.
-Christopher J. Connelly

Lost 36 lbs of Body Fat“Coming off of a nearly fatal mountain biking accident where I fractured C5 (neck) and T4 thru T7 (back) I was in the worst shape of my life. With The Renegade Diet I dropped 36lbs while adding muscle to my physique. At 38 I look and more importantly I feel like I’m 28 again.
-Roddy May


Lost 39 lbs of Body Fat“I started The Renegade Diet three months before my wedding and lost 39 pounds of fat and simultaneously improved all my lifts. I’ve made so many positive life changes and have never felt better because of The Renegade Diet.”
-Abdul A
Lost 16 lbs of Body Fat“While I work out hard, I truly began to see results I’ve never seen before after I started following the diet. After just a few months I lost 16 pounds which is ALOT of weight when you are 5 ft2 in. I can’t believe people actually call me ripped!!
-Amanda Temple
Lost 13 lbs of Body Fat“I was easily able to apply the Renegade Diet method into my crazy schedule. I now go through my entire day with better mental focus, stabilized energy, and lowered stress level! I have used it to get ripped as well as to gain solid size.”
-Eddie Santana
Lost 14 lbs of Body Fat“In just my first eight weeks on The Renegade Diet I was able to simultaneously lose fat while also building muscle and getting stronger. All in all I dropped fourteen pounds of bodyfat(but look much bigger). This is the easiest diet plan I have ever followed.”
-Logan Peck


Inside The Renegade Diet You’ll Discover:
  • Why your current eating plan is turning you into a fat storing machine.
  • Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day.
  • Why following the traditional rules of meal frequency is making you fatter and sicker.
  • How to fix low testosterone and elevated estrogen levels.
  • Why carbs are NOT the enemy and may even help you get ripped… if you know how to use them properly.
  • How protein consumption can actually cause you to gain body-fat.
  • What to do immediately before training to dramatically enhance the rate at which you burn fat.
  • Why complex carbs and “whole grains” are making you fatter and sicker.
  • Why you may not need as many calories or as much protein as you thought to build muscle.
  • How to speed up your recovery between workouts.
  • Why certain “health foods” are some of the worst substances you can put in your body.
  • How to naturally optimize insulin, growth hormone, IGF and leptin for the fastest results in body transformation.
  • The precise order to eat your biggest meal in for the best results.
  • When to eat carbs and when to avoid them like the plague.
  • Why you have adrenal fatigue and what to do about it.
  • How to strengthen your immune system.
  • Why eating 5-7 servings of fruit all day is great… if you want to get fat.
  • How the models for the classic Greek statues got that ripped.
  • What five essential supplements can make a big difference in your health and appearance.
  • How to dramatically improve protein assimilation. It’s not how much you eat but how much you utilize.
  • How to eat whatever you want (bacon and eggs, sushi, pumpkin pie)… and end up looking better as a result!

Professional Praise For The Renegade Diet:
“I read this book in one sitting and have been hit on an emotional level that training / nutrition books rarely come close to achieving. The philosophy, the health benefits, the deep reasons behind WHY this diet is more than just a diet but also a way of life… This book will educate you, inspire you, motivate you and help you understand why the most important thing to you and everyone close to you is YOUR health.
Zach Even-Esh, The Underground Strength Coach


“Forget what you think you know about dieting and read this book.The Renegade Diet a byproduct of a real life search for the best way to build muscle and burn fat. It’s a compilation 20-plus years of experimentation, hundreds of clients, and a bottom line you can appreciate: New information, effective and easy-to-understand tips, and results that you will appreciate. Basically, it’s everything you’d expect from Jason Ferruggia.”
Adam Bornstein, Editorial Director of LIVESTRONG.COM


“I’ve been following The Renegade Diet for 10 months now and I love it. It fits my lifestyle and is easy to follow and implement. I’m stronger and bigger than ever having gone from 205-208 at 12% bodyfat to 212-215 at the same bodyfat. My wife also follows the diet and is using it to diet for a bikini competition. So no matter if your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or improved performance you can’t go wrong with The Renegade Diet.”
Chase Karnes, BS, CSCS, National Level Strongman Competitor


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is This Diet Just For Fat Loss or Can I Use it To Gain Muscle?
That’s one of the biggest benefits of The Renegade Diet; it allows you to gain muscle without getting fat in the process. It’s quite simply the most effective lean mass building diet plan you can follow. There are entire sections in the book that cover both fat loss and muscle gain and how to adjust for your goals.

Q: Can This Work for Vegetarians?
Absolutely. That is all addressed in the book. We have several vegetarians using The Renegade Diet with great success.

Q: Do I Need to Buy Any Special Supplements for This to Work?
No, you don’t. That being said I do make recommendations of a few powerful supplements that can only serve to enhance the effects of the diet. But they are by no means required. It’s up to you.

Q: Does This Diet Work for Females?
Yes, indeed. The Renegade Diet works equally well for both men and women. We have numerous female clients at our gym and in our online coaching programs using The Renegade Diet. They are finding it to be incredibly effective at targeting stubborn fat in hard to lose areas like the hips and glutes, which no other diets target quite as successfully.

Q: Is This a Low Carb Diet?
Absolutely NOT! You are encouraged to eat a large amount of vegetables on a daily basis along with a moderate amount of fruit. Daily carb intake will be based on your bodyfat levels and your goals. If are aiming to lose fat you’ll be eating fewer carbs while those looking to gain muscle will be eating more carbs. Some Renegade Diet users eat all the carbs they want every night for dinner and wake up leaner! I show you how to determine exactly what plan will work for you.

Q: Is The Renegade Diet hard to follow?
Not even the slightest bit. Everyone who has switched from a more traditional way of eating over to The Renegade Diet has reported that it’s by fat the easiest diet plan they have ever followed. It truly gives you freedom and removes the stress and inconvenience involved with most other eating plans.

Q: Do I Ever Get to Eat Junk Food or Cheat Meals on The Renegade Diet?
Yes. One of the greatest aspects is that it allows you to still enjoy your favorite foods like pizza, pasta, fully loaded burgers, beer and ice cream occasionally, without turning into a fat whale and ruining your whole diet in the process. The Renegade Diet is very forgiving and allows more leeway than most traditional eating plans.

Q: How Long Does The Book Take to Ship?
No time at all. It’s an instantly downloadable digital eBook so you can have it on your computer or laptop just minutes after entering your payment details and you can get started today! No waiting required.

Q: How Long Do I Stay On The Renegade Diet For?
This isn’t some fad eating plan or short term gimmick. It’s a way of eating based on millions of years of evolution and works with your body’s natural chemistry. After reading The Renegade Diet people forget about quick fixes forever and embrace this as a permanent way of life.

Q: How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?
Most people will notice visible fat loss within their first week on the diet. Within two weeks everyone will notice improved energy and mental clarity and focus early in the day. Muscle gain is typically a slower process than fat loss so gains won’t typically come as rapidly but you will notice the ability to gain size without putting on additional fat as is usually the case.

Q: If I still have some more questions is there a way I can contact the author?
Absolutely. If you’re still unsure please contact The Renegade Diet author and world renowned fitness expert, Jason Ferruggia on his Twitter page and he’ll be more than happy to assist you. We want to do everything we can to ensure your success so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions along the way.

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$29.95- Digital eBook- Instant Download

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