The Renegade Inner Circle 12-Week Transformation Contest
No More Failed Resolutions. No More Terrible Workouts. The Premier Fitness Program That’s Proven to Build Muscle and Burn Fat in Just 12 Weeks

My plan to fix what’s wrong with the fitness industry began 365 days ago.

That’s when I had my good friend, Adam Bornstein, conduct a massive survey on why people fail to see results from their workouts and diet plans. This wasn’t the same bullshit approach about eating too many Twinkies or not having enough time to workout.

I wanted to know the real barriers that crushed real people. We received feedback from more than 20,000 participants, and three problems stood out above the rest.

1.    Not enough incentive to workout consistently
2.    Professional help is too expensive
3.    Programs don’t deliver visible results

Those roadblocks prevented a lot of motivated people from losing fat and building muscle. You can preach that your incentive should be to take care of your health. But for some people, that just isn’t enough.

You can say that money shouldn’t be a barrier. But let’s be honest—it is.

And some might argue that every workout program can work if you push hard enough; but that’s bullshit. Lots of programs don’t work.

Rather than piss and moan about what’s wrong with the fitness industry and blame you, I decided to fix the real problems and provide a solution that works:

The Renegade Inner Circle Transformation Contest. It’s the only contest with no losers, a guarantee, and thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

This is much more than your typical contest. For only $1, you can sign up and join a community and receive daily coaching and guidance from some of the world’s best fitness experts. As a result, you’ll become stronger, gain muscle, and eliminate body fat unlike any programs you’ve ever experienced—all while following the easiest diet you’ve ever tried.

Most contests only have one winner. This is not that type of opportunity. Everyone that participates will experience a dramatic transformation in just 12 weeks.

It’s been proven—over and over again—with the thousands of people that have followed the programs I’ve developed in the Renegade Inner Circle.

But now, the stakes are higher. Not only will you receive thousands of dollars worth of workouts and coaching for only $1, you’ll also be entered to win amazing prizes and plenty of cash.

This is your chance to do what most people think is impossible—actually achieve your fitness goals and walk away satisfied.

This contest comes with a promise: If you follow the workouts and program provided, you will see changes and be 100% satisfied with your decision to participate.

Enter now, and you’ll have the chance to win more than $10,000 worth of prizes, an all-expenses paid trip for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be on a plan that will forever change how you look and feel.

How It Works
Remember those 3 barriers to fitness? Here’s how I eliminated all of them.

In order to enter the contest, you must join the Renegade Inner Circle. Once you do, you’ll instantly receive:

1. Incentives
In the Inner Circle you’ll receive daily coaching and motivation from myself, and three of the biggest names in fitness: Keith Scott, Adam Bornstein and Keith Scott. It’s a team that’s dedicated to giving you the real truth and providing the road map to real change.

When you enter the contest, you’re competing for exclusive prizes that include:

Grand Prize (2 winners)
An all-expenses paid trip to California to spend 4 days with me, and best-selling fitness author Adam Bornstein. The experience includes:

  • A round-trip plane ticket to Los Angeles
  • Luxury accommodations on the beach in Santa Monica
  • Three days in the gym training with me and Adam. You’ll receive the coaching and expert tips that will take your training to the next level.
  • Dining at the finest restaurants in Southern California. All expenses will be paid, and you’ll be required to bring your appetite.
  • Unlimited access to discuss training, diet, and anything else you want.

There are no boundaries to what you might do, who you might meet, and how much you’ll learn and upgrade your life. But you’re guaranteed an unbelievable time and a rare training experience.

Runners-Up (4 winners)
  • Second place winners (2) will receive $500 in cash
  • Third place winners (2) will receive $250 in cash
2. An Affordable Fitness Plan
We probably don’t need to tell you this, but working with personal trainers is really expensive. In fact, if you were to work with me one-on-one, it’d cost you several hundred dollars per hour.

But if you join the Renegade Inner Circle now, you can test out the first month for $1. That’s right—just a buck. And if you don’t like it, then you can cancel at any time. When you join the Inner Circle, you gain instant access to:

  • A new workout every week.
  • Access to a video library of hundreds of exercises.
  • The ability to ask any fitness or nutrition question to the Inner Circle coaches.
  • Exclusive interviews, podcasts, blogs, and special deals that are only available to members.

Where else can you get weekly training plans and coaching from the biggest names in fitness at that price? I created the Inner Circle for a simple reason: Money shouldn’t be a barrier to fitness. Now it no longer is.

3. Programs that Work
I could list off all my accomplishments and those of Keith, Adam and Sean but anyone can talk a good game. I let my results and the thousands of members that have been a part of the Inner Circle speak for me. Here’s what you can expect when you join:

Change Your Body, Change Your Life
Don’t put off an opportunity that is too good to pass up. If you want to join these success stories, then start here.

You have two options when you sign up for the transformation contest: Fat loss or Muscle Gain. Once in the Inner Circle, you’ll receive all the coaching and workouts you need to help you build the body you want and achieve your goal. Then the fun begins. To be entered to win, you simply need to follow four rules.

Rule #1: You Must Sign Up for the Renegade Inner Circle and Join the Contest by Monday, January 21st
Rule #2: You must sign up for the muscle gain or fat loss category inside the Inner Circle Forum
Rule #3: You must take a before and after picture
Rule #4: You must use one of the Renegade Inner Circle workouts

That’s it. Once the contest is finished, all pictures will be shared with the public and voted upon. Tell your friends, spread the word, and we’ll let the world decide whose transformation is most impressive and who wins the Grand Prize.

The Renegade Inner Circle Guarantee
I offer a 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee

Why? Because I know my programs work. I know that the Renegade Inner Circle is a collection of the best coaches in the fitness industry. And I know that if you follow my workouts and diet advice, that you’ll experience results unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It will change your body. It will change your outlook. And it will change your life.

See Real Results…NOW

If you’re ready to pack on muscle in ways you didn’t think possible, eliminate that nasty fat, and enter a contest with prizes you can’t find anywhere else, then it’s time for you to sign up for the Renegade Inner Circle Transformation Contest.

Join the Contest for Only $1 NOW.

*If Grand Prize winners are from outside the US we will pay for your accommodations and give you $600 toward your flight.