How to Optimally Combine Barbells, Bodyweight & Strongman Training to Transform Yourself into an Uncaged Beast in Just 16 Weeks…
You’re about to discover the ultimate way to combine heavy barbell lifts, advanced bodyweight exercises, explosive power work, and strongman into one all around, kick ass athletic muscle building system… that has actually slowly grown to be one of my most popular programs ever written.

Training heavy with basic barbell exercises is great.

It’s a necessity if you want to get bigger and stronger and have some kind of measuring stick to track your progress.

But it also beats you up if you don’t cycle your heavy work properly, or if that’s all you do.

If you only do bodyweight training you’re missing out on a huge component of athletic strength and size development.

You need to combine heavy barbell training along with bodyweight exercises, plyos, throws and strongman implements in a precise, synergistic manner that will optimize gains and maximize recovery.

The Uncaged program is perfect for anyone looking to gain functional, size, explosive strength, speed and power endurance.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a competitive athlete or just a guy who wants to build high performance mass this program will deliver the incredible gains you’re looking for.

It’s designed in a very precise way for very specific reasons with the goals of minimizing joint and CNS  stress being at the very top of the priority list, while also getting the fastest gains possible..

Uncaged is based on four training days per week program on an upper/lower split.

Day 1 is upper body strength and power.

Day 2 is lower body strength and power.

Day 3 is upper body assistance work (muscle building/hypertrophy)

Day 4 is lower body power endurance/ assistance work.

The way the exercises are laid out and periodized keeps you very fresh and allows you train 4-6 days per week without any recovery issues or fear of overtraining.

In fact, you will find that your motivation to train and your recovery ability is through the roof while using the Uncaged program.

Bodyweight training is a huge part of the program and for 16 weeks we will use a very specific periodization scheme to greatly improve your ability to do the following critically important exercises:

  • Chin ups
  • Front Lever Holds
  • Handstands
  • L-Sits
  • And Handstand Pushups

When you master those five movements you will not only be jacked but incredibly athletic with true functional strength.

At the end of 16 weeks you’ll be shocked at how many more chin ups you can do than when you started.

We also use a variety of strongman implements on Day 4 to develop raw, rugged strength and power endurance. Some of these exercises include:

  • Sled High Pulls
  • Sled Pushes
  • Sled Pulls
  • Farmers Walks
  • Heavy Throws
  • Sledgehammer Swings
  • And More…

But don’t worry. If you don’t have access to some or any of those implements we have an alternate Day 4 for you guys so you’ll still get killer results.

This program will keep you healthy and injury free while increasing your rate of progress and getting you doing things you’ve never been able to do before.

Like I said, it’s become one of my most popular programs ever and I promise you’re gonna love it and make some impressive freakin’ progress.

Remember, a one month program from me normally costs a bare minimum of $250, but you get all FOUR phases of Uncaged for just $39.95.

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